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Need a website?

Yes, like it says on the packet, West Country Creative designs and build websites. We're local in Hamilton, Victoria however we build and host websites for customers all over Australia.

Websites are only as good as they are found.

It's no use being on the last page of Google. It's pointless telling your visitors stuff they don't really care about. It's also futile to target millennials then build a website attractive only to baby boomers. 

Because WCC looks at your target market and competition, and understands YOUR business BEFORE we build you a website, we aim to deliver you an internet presence that actually represents what you're all about. We write your content with your target market in mind. We make it look and feel how you want to be perceived, and we make it function for your visitors the way you intended.

And yes, WCC does that SEO thingy too (which means we want you to be found in Google).


Want to sell online?

We do online stores, and we build them from the ground up to your specifications. Whether you've got just one product... or thousands of products, we have options to suit any budget. If you have something to sell and want to build a business online, we can make it happen.


Better hosting

Hosting is the techy bit that is so often undervalued. It's a world filled with jargon and fancy phrases that may make you feel bored and confused. Well, it's supposed to. It's how hosting providers gloss over why your website is working for them, but just not for you.

Here's some jargon and fancy phrases we could write about our hosting...

WCC provides superior Australian hosting and DNS services to deliver ongoing performance that meets the ever-changing world of new devices (tablets, mobiles etc) and advances in internet infrastructure. We include constant security and server response time monitoring, as well as core software upgrades to keep your site functioning across all platforms and browsers, 24/7. Included in WCC's hosting services are server and site load monitoring, spam filtering and threat evasion.

In plain speak

WCC values hosting, and we want your website to actually work for you. Better hosting delivers on that.


No contracts, no lock ins

WCC provides services. While we want to keep you as a customer forever, we won't bind you up in fussy contracts or term agreements. We keep it simple.